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Where Quality Begins But Never Ends...”

The establishment of Helicopter Engine Repair & Overhaul Services, Inc. (H.E.R.O.S. Inc.) presented operators from all sectors the unique opportunity to enjoy one-on-one, customized, quality engine repair & overhaul services for the Model 250-C18, C20 & C30 series turbo-shaft engines & accessories. Ever since Heros Kajberouni opened the doors in 1988, both single as well as multi-ship operators have grown to depend upon our quality workmanship, competitive pricing & attention to customer service.

We control the quality of our products because we control the processes. We will remove & carefully route each of your engine components through our facility where they will be thoroughly cleaned then dimensionally inspected using our state-of-the-art measuring tools & equipment including our automatic Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM). Our engine shop technicians combine factory training with decades of overhaul & field experience to recommend customized repairs or address your specific maintenance concerns.

Our in-house Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Department is FAA Certified as well as Pratt & Whitney approved. Using our MagnaFlux (MPI) and Florescent Penetrant (FPI) equipment, our experienced Level II and III inspectors will examine your parts for cracks & structural integrity. These inspectors are the very same technicians that will inspect & assemble your engine and accessories.

No repair and overhaul facility would be complete without their own, in-house machine shop. Ours is equipped with precision CNC mill & lathe machines as well as custom Jig Grinding & CMM inspection technology. Our specialized repairs are custom tailored, DER approved and battle tested to the highest standards so as to extend the life of your engine and reduce your overall operating costs.

H.E.R.O.S. Inc. will also support all of your Model 250 Series Engine Accessories. There is no need to look elsewhere. We have complete, on-site overhaul and testing capabilities for Honeywell Fuel Controls and PT Governors as well as engine driven fuel pumps, Oil Delivery Tubes, Fuel Nozzles, Bleed, Anti-Ice & Double-Check Valves. Troubleshooting, Field and Technical support is just a phone call away as well as same day AOG repairs. We maintain a large inventory of completed modules & accessories because sometimes, yesterday isn’t fast enough.

Yet, of all the assets at H.E.R.O.S. Inc., we are most proud of our people. Sophisticated tools, machines, & specialized repairs produce a quality product only when operated by experienced, knowledgeable, & conscientious technicians…and we have the best.

Employment Opportunities

We are looking for skilled technicians: http://www.jsfirm.com/companydetail.asp?jobid=148218