Specializing in Rolls Royce Model 250 Overhaul, Repair and Sales

About the Company
The establishment of Helicopter Engine Repair & Overhaul Services, Inc. (H.E.R.O.S. Inc.) presented operators from all sectors the unique opportunity to enjoy one-on-one, customized, quality engine repair & overhaul services for the Model 250 Series of engines & accessories. Ever since Heros Kajberouni opened the doors in 1988, both single ship and large fleet operators have grown to depend upon our quality workmanship, competitive pricing & superior customer service.

We at H.E.R.O.S. Inc. control the quality of our products because we control the processes. We disassemble and carefully route each of your engine components through our facility where they are thoroughly cleaned, inspected assembled and tested to meet or exceed manufacturers specifications Through the repair and overhaul process we employ the latest technologies and equipment to assure a superior product. Our shop technicians combine factory training with decades of repair, overhaul and field experience.

Executive Team

Heros Kajberouni

CEO, Founder

The creative mind behind H.E.R.O.S., Inc. and the chief strategist, Heros founded the company in 1984 with the single goal of being the best Rolls Royce 250 engine overhaul provider in the country. Since then the company has grown exponentially and in the process the it has expaned its client base to offer a wide range of services to domestic and international operators.

Blake Davies

VP Sale & Marketing

Blake joined H.E.R.O.S., Inc. in 2010 as the Director of Sales. He brings over 25 years of experience in the helicopter industry in various capacities. Blake had a long stint with Rolls Royce as the chief operations officer.  His contributions are invaluable to the smooth running of day-to-day operstions at H.E.R.O.S., Inc.

Raffi Kajberouni

VP Operation & Finance

An integral part of the executive team, Raffi brings a wealth of knowledge to both operation and finance. He grew up learning the business from his dad who insited that his sons learn the business to perfection. In addition to finance, Raffi manages and oversess the IT department and is involved with managing engine overhaul projects on a daily basis.



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Engine Shop

The repair and overhaul of the Model 250 series engine is our specialty. We employ the latest technologies to assure a quality product you can rely on.

Accessory Shop

Full Honeywell Model 250 Repair and Overhaul capability, competitive Flat Rate pricing and a large exchange stock on hand. 

Machine Shop

In house component and part restoration as well as custom machining to optimize your engine performance.

Accessory Testing

All repaired and overhauled accessories are extensively tested to meet or exceed manufacturers specifications.

Employment Opportunities

We are always looking for qualified technical people who are interested in pursuing a career in the expanding aviation industry. If you are interested in applying for a position with our company, please call us!

FAA/EASA Certification

FAA Certification

EASA Certification

Warranty Policy

Warranty Policy

Test Cell

We are proud to announce the aquisition of the only Test Cell on the West Coast of the United States. The Test Cell allows us to offer one-stop shopping for our customers. We are now able to test our Rolls Royce 250 engines in our facilities immediately after overhaul work has been done.

This additional capability accelerates our delivery of service. On average we cut our testing time from weeks to only a few days. So when we ship our customers’ engines, they have been fully tested and certified.

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      Address: 560 North 54th Street, Suite #9, Chandler, AZ 85226
      Phone: (480)536-9207